WTCH = vallnings champion, ej officiell titel i Sverige

Stamtavla på Tosca # Ozzy valpar

KORAD Blue Wingfire´s A Touch Of Hous


HonkyTonk Houston Of Gearhart DNA-CP WTCH Mistrettas Bandito Balou CD RTDsc DNA-CP Mistrettas Shadow Hawk DNA-CP
Mistrettas Mountain Flower DNA-CP

Can-Ams Calais Of Mistretta


WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard RTDs DNA-CP
Mistrettas Calico Minx
KORAD SUCH SLCH LPIII Crofter Holding´s Blue Wing FINUCH Dancing Skies Amigo Leathernecks Apache Warrior CGC HS TT
Hodges Tena Rosey
FINUCH BlueFire´s Ice Dancer DNA-CP Bearjay´s Mickey
BlueFire´s Little FireDancer

Crofter Holding´s Nina Roja

KORAD WTCH Crofter Holding´s Easy Rider,DNA-CP Touchtone Spy At Laverton Silver Birch The Real McCoy DNA-CP
Touchstone Third Degree DNA-CP
ASCA CH, FINUCH, DUCH, Diamond Aire Mary Poppins STDs DNA-CP ASCA Hall Of Fame#111 Diamond Aire Hey Jude CD, ATDds, OTDc, RD DNA-CP
Hall Of Fame Dam# Marki´s Sandis Sue
KORAD WTCH Crofter Holding´s Chica Vaquera DNA-CP ASCA WTCH Las Rocosa RodeoRomeo Of Carat DNA-CP Las Rocosa rejoneador
Las Rocosa Belle Of the Ball STDsd
Los Suenos Legends Of Belle DNA-VP WTCH VCH Hall Of Fame Sire#Shope´s Goodnight Bandit CDX, HS, RTDsc, HX DNA-CP
ASCA Hall Of Fame Dam# Private Stoc´s Manzanita STDsd, OTDc DNA-CP

*Tillbaka till kullar*